Unwrapping the Myths: Agriculture in Africa


Just visualise Africa, of course dry lands, poor people will hit your brain and now it’s time to break out those! Africa has a cheerful face too. This country is growing faster in agriculture, and many think tanks have predicted that it will dominate the global economy in the future. Let’s look at the traditional […]

Sustainability and Agriculture: Crucial Time to act!

Agriculture is one of the most relevant sectors to the environment since it relies on the quality of the land and the appropriate weather conditions. Throughout the history of agriculture, humans had accidentally implemented non-regenerative or sustainable practices towards farming strategy, so there have been various cases of land destruction or air pollution due to […]

Agriculture: The most necessary industry for mankind

Agriculture: The most necessary industry for mankind

Since the evolution of the first human being, hunting and gathering have been the basic skills for humans to survive and create a society. Then approximately 12,000 years ago, humans learned how to raise cattle and plant crops to maintain and extend food resources for the tribe, and that’s how agriculture began. Without a doubt, […]

African Agriculture: The 2022 Trend You Need To Update

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For the past two years, the pandemic has affected tremendously to many economic sectors. The absence of human resources has tragically affected the ongoing workloads for African agriculture, causing challenges regarding labor and transporting or exporting produces to markets. Thanks to technology implementation, the difficulties somehow being reduced, and the farming management proceeds at a […]

African farmers approach to technology for boosting yields

Technology has taken a helpful part in many different industry, and agriculture is no exception. Since human being is always in a need of food consumption, how to boost both of the quantity and quality of the crops is an important question, especially for African farmers, since they are the main resources for global farming […]

Satellite Imagery – The Most Innovative Agtech tool in Farm Management

Satellite Imagery AgTech

With the development of agriculture in both size and technology, it is challenging for farmers to use personnel resources to check the farming area in person, on the field. Besides, we can only check on the surface and be limited by the invisible factors or miss some red-flag signs to stop a potential risk for […]

How innovative Data Science has improved Agriculture in Africa?

Data Science in Agriculture

Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Africa continent. But since the lack of accessibility to innovative technology, the industry has suffered from blind-out direction of farming management, even though the continent is under a harsh and massive amount of difficulties of weather changing and lack of financial support. Therefore, many developers had seized […]

Afforestation – The Number One Sustainable Business Model


Afforestation or Forestry Business Model is the effective and sustainable combination of environmental protection and business. Developers and their stakeholders need to focus on how the company can be beneficial to the environment, specifically in this case, forestry protection.

Top 5 Best Agriculture Apps 2022 You need to know

As we are now in the booming era of technology, there is no exception that technology plays a beneficial role in managing and providing appropriate solutions for your farming strategy. But to find out a match app for your own special needs is a time-consuming and risk-taking challenge. Therefore, here is the list of top 5 Agriculture apps that can help you effectively apply your farming strategies to gain the highest possible yields.