Empowering African Farmers

Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning driven AgriTech. BNPL organic Crop protectans for African smallholder farmers.
Doubled harvest yields/income.

We double harvest yields

African smallholder farmers have limited access to farm inputs leading to very low harvest yields. This is due to dysfunctional markets and limited access to financing because of missing credit scores / high income risk profiles.

We offer African smallholder farmers a yearly subscription for a service bundle addressing their needs and leading to massively increased harvest yields.

micro loan


Our technology scores credit
worthiness of farmers, so we can
provide our services pre-financed.


Farm Inputs

Farmers receive pre-financed farm
inputs as part of their subscription.
We offer organic inputs only.

farm management

Farming Services

We send farm operators to the fields. Our mobile app tells them, when to go where and what to do.

Our farmers trust us

We target an addressable market of up to 450 million smallholder farmers across Africa.
Thereof 500,000 cashew farmers located in Mtwara region in the south of Tanzania are our first target market.
These farmers are in direct reach thanks to our partnerships with local cooperative unions.

With our 7 year local presence and established reputation and partnerships, we could secure the trust from our target customer group and enter the market quickly.

Crop Type Mapping

Identifies specific crop types from satellite images.

Credit Score

Estimates profitability and creditworthiness of registered farmers.

Yield Prediction

Predicts harvest yield within farm geofence from satellite images.

Treatment Map

Visualizes, where and how much farm inputs to apply on a farm.

Treatment Schedule

Tells farm operators, when, where and what farm inputs to apply.

Farm Profile

Lists all farm data incl. predicted harvest yield and credit score.

Increasing harvest yields

Utilizing high quality imagery data from the Sentinel-2 satellites by the European Union’s Earth Observation Program *Copernicus* and machine learning models trained with local ground data labels, we can predict harvest yield and farm input demand and consequently manage income risks.

Sentinel-2 satellites are specifically designed for monitoring vegetation.
Their images come with a resolution of 10sqm and 13 spectral bands, three red-edge bands.
We take these images from the public S3 buckets, cut relevant tiles out and run super resolution models on them.

Our models can then map cashew trees amongst other vegetation and calculate bio mass of every farm registered with its geofence.
From there we can predict harvest yield and derive a credit score for every farmer

Empowering African Farmers

Mavuno Technologies is an AgriTech social impact Start up with the mission to revolutionize agriculture in Africa by increasing the harvest yields/income of millions of smallholder farmers with access to farming products and services via a satellite imagery and machine learning driven AgriTech platform.
Africa’s agricultural sector suffers from very low productivity levels and smallholder farmers are the largest segment group who bears it.
Mavuno Technologies leverages AgriTech to massively increase farming productivity of this segment and contribute to transitioning this market towards a global role model for agricultural production.
With our solutions we reduce risk, save time, optimize agricultural productions, increase reliability and efficiency whilst promoting sustainable agriculture.
we can boost household per capita and country GDP.
Leading to a significant increase in the performance of Africa’s agricultural produce in global markets.

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Together we make an impact

As an African-European team, we work as a fully remote company.
We were founded 2021 in Berlin, Germany and have already supported more than 600 farmers during our first growth season in the very same year.
Since then we have continued to grow and are now serving thousands of smallholder farmers across Eastern African countries.

We‘re backed by leading accelerator programs, investors and European institutions believing in our vision to make the world a better place.

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Our satellite imagery and machine learning driven mobile app enables farm operators to conduct precise crop treatment, by recommending, when, where and how to take action.

Let‘s revolutionize
farming in Africa

Help us make the world a better place by empowering African smallholder farmers.